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photo of Kirisun DP-480-UHF, 256 Channel, 4 Watt portable w/ LCD and full keypad

Kirisun DP-480-UHF, 256 Channel, 4 Watt portable w/ LCD and full keypad

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Kirisun DP-480 UHF 256 Channel, UHF, 4 Watt portable w/ LCD and full keypad

DMR II Portable Radio 400 - 470 MHz, 4 watt 2000 mAh Lithium-ion (Li-Ion), with LCD and full keypad.

Analog, digital and Mixed Mode
DP480 is able to detect both analog and digital signals and automatically switching between analog and digital mode. It is able to reply to the received call during the call hang time. This feature makes for better migration from analog to digital and saves investment.

Increased Call Capacity with DMO 2-slot operation
The DMO-2 slot facility delivers the ability to have two digital calls taking place at the same time on the same frequency. This feature doubles the frequency capacity without the need or cost of applying for additional licensed frequency resources.

GPS (Optional)
Integrated GPS enables real-time tracking of mobile working team.

IP66 Rating
The product is dust-proof and fully protected from foreign invasion. When it undergoes violent wave slashes or strong spray, the water amount entering will not affect to a harmful extent.

Secure Communication
It supports ARC 40-bit encryption to guarantee communication safety and prevents from being eavesdropped.

Multiple Emergency Alarm Modes and Remote Control
The emergency feature supports multiple alarm modes such as top priority alarm and others. Remote management services such as Radio Check, Kill, Revive, Lone Worker, Remote Monitor and others are supported.

User-defined Volume
It supports level adjustment for volume and it is user-defined. This feature helps to avoid volume change by accidental volume adjustment and prevents noise caused by non-level adjustment at the same time.

Self-defined Voice Annunciation
The user can directly download voice annunciation of different languages and also zone alert tone to the radio through the PC software based on the actual needs. After powering on, the voice annunciation will automatically switch to the local language.

Programmable Key for Easy Operation
There are three programmable keys for the user to program their most-used features, easy and convenient.

Preudo Trunk
This feature can improve frequency efficiency by allocating the free slot to a member and helps you to communicate timely in an emergency.

Automatic roaming helps easy radio use among all sites of one IP Multi-Site Connect system.


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