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photo of Kirisun M50 - Push to talk (PTT) over Cellular & Wi-Fi, mobile two way radio

Kirisun M50 - Push to talk (PTT) over Cellular & Wi-Fi, mobile two way radio

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Kirisun M50 - Push to talk (PTT) over Wi-fi & Cellular, mobile two way radio

Global PTT Service and Support dual SIM card at the same time.
Users can use PTT service globally via public operator’s existing mature 2G/3G network and and can support 1x2G and 1x3G SIM card at the same time.

3G/GSM (GPRS) / WIFI transmission
It provides flexible ways of using PTT service in the vehicle under various radio environment. If WIFI is on, WIFI will be the first choice for transmission; if WIFI is off, then 3G comes first, then 2G.

More accurate positioning: A-GPS
A-GPS (GPS with assistance of base-station in public radio network), GPS module sends the initial GPS data to base-station, after analyzed by base-station, the data will be returned to GPS module for further processing.

Supports various voice and data services
It will retain the user’s habit maximum , and supports a variety of voice functions. Call (all call/group call/individual call /call reminder);Voice (incoming call/outgoing call/talk permit/low power, etc.); Duplex call etc.

Three programmable keys and Air Interface Configuration
Three programmable keys provide flexible custom functions, can realize quick operation.The remote configuration can be achieved through 2G/3G/4G/Wifi air interface, which helps to reduce maintenance cost for users

Clear voice.Recording, download and playback
The echo suppression and large caliber high quality’s speaker ensure clearer, larger volume and less distortion. It can achieve the recording and download and playback, to help users better query historical data via dispatcher station

Strong extensibility
WIFI and Bluetooth function modules bring more possibilities for extended use of other third-party applications

Model: M50


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