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LigoWave - LigoPTP 5-23 RapidFire

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RapidFire 5-23

Item Description:

Carrier Grade PTP - LigoPTP RapidFire 5-23 Outdoor 5GHz MIMO 700Mbps wireless bridge, dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces with PoE pass through, integrated 23 dBi antenna for use in point-to-point wireless broadband backhaul applications. Includes 2.4GHz radio for management via mobile devices. AC/DC PoE included.

RapidFire delivers an extremely high 700Mbps throughput via its unique and powerful RF design that supports up to 256-QAM modulation and 31dBi output power. Our proprietary W-Jet V protocol, specifically engineered for high performing PTP scenarios, minimizes interferences even across long distances and stabilizes latency within 2-4 ms.

LigoWave RapidFire delivers powerful performance with its new 1.2GHz CPU dedicated for data processing and high (200,000) packet per second delivery.

Equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one with PoE passthrough, the unit allows for 1+1 (failover) or repeater links and is ideal for high-security video surveillance scenarios.
RapidFire incorporates integrated surge and ESD protection according to IEC standards and passes Class 4 requirements.

700 Mbps capacity
200,000 PPS
4.780 – 6.100 GHz support
High output power 28 dBm (per chain) radio
Integrated 23 dBi directional dual polarized panel antenna
Powerful OS
W-jet 2 - protocol optimized for point-to-point scenario
External OLED screen for antenna alignment and throughput testing
Weather proof (IP-67 rated) design
Integrated surge protection (IEC standards rated)
Free NMS (WNMS – Wireless Network Management System)
Professional articulating mounting bracket

Model: LigoPTP 5-23 RapidFire
UPC Code: 855138006239


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