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Ligowave - LigoDLB 2-14N Outdoor CPE -

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DLB 2-14N

Item Description:

LigoDLB 2-14 Outdoor 2.4GHz MIMO radio with integrated 14 dBi directional panel antenna for use in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless IP data applications. Includes PoE with power cord and free download of remote management system.

Powerful new generation CPU ensures better performance delivering higher up to 170 Mbps capacity and almost 2 X higher packet per second rate (80000). Narrow (5 and 10 MHz) channel support ensures steady performance in noisy environments. More RAM improves the performance with multiple users connected to a single base-station and larger flash stores a 2nd failover firmware image.

2.402 - 2.492 GHz support
80,000 PPS
170 Mbps capacity
High output power 31 dBm radio
Integrated directional 14 dBi dual - polarized panel antenna
Powerful OS
Smart polling data transmission protocol (iPoll 3)
Weather proof (IP-66 rated) design
Free WNMS (WNMS – Wireless Network Management System)
Responsive HTML 5 based GUI
Wall and pole mounting option

Model: DLB 2-14n


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